Project Description
Full text search engine for nmap results.

nmap2web is a full text search engine for metadata produced by a network scanner like nmap.

It consists of three parts:
  1. nmap command to scan particular network range, collecting metadata through nse scripts and saving results into the nmap XML format
  2. XLS transformation to convert nmap output into a T-SQL script for direct import into a MS SQL database
  3. ASP.NET application providing full text search through nmap results


The search field accepts following commands or any combination of them:
  • word1 word2 - matches "word1" and "word2"
  • word1 !word2 - matches "word1" and not "word2"
  • ip:a.b.c.d - shows all records for ip address a.b.c.d
  • script:xyz - shows all entries detected by nmap nse script "xyz"
  • net:a.b.c - shows all entries for the subnet a.b.c.*
  • port:aaa,bbb - shows all entries for a network port aaa or bbb, e.g. 80,443 for http/https


Some of the examples with blended IP addresses and host names.

Full text search example

List all available information about single host

Detect available nfs servers

Detect host with heartbleed bug

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